AERISTO is the leading supplier of high-end, technical leathers for discerning designers and companies across the world. The AERISTO approach is built on research & development; the commitment to formulating leathers properly in the tanning process to meet and exceed technical specifications set forth. There are no shortcuts taken, which has been an instrumental key to AERISTO’s success.

Tanning leather is a lengthy process however, which is why AERISTO has built one of the largest inventories of aviation specific leathers in the industry. Choose from a wide range of leather articles and colors that are available to ship the same day as order placement.

AERISTO exclusively uses south German bull hides for its inventoried leathers. This Alpine region is known to produce the cleanest and largest hides which in turn translates to optimized cutting yields.

AERISTO has also become the go to specialist for custom leathers - whether pertaining to color, texture or technical requirements. Industries served include aviation, yachting, classic car restoration and hospitality. AERISTO takes the same manufacturing approach with every custom leather; building it from ground up to meet the exact customer specifications.














Hair on Hide®

Decorative Leather

AERISTO offers a wide range of decorative embossings to create a distinct design element to any interior. Please browse the Gallery for featured embossings and/or contact AERISTO to discuss specific designs that are needed. Custom designs welcome!

Leather Care

AERISTO offers a full range of leather care products formulated specifically to compliment the leather articles offered. There are countless brands of leather cleaners available on the market promising a myriad of benefits; the problem with this is that every leather is manufactured differently which could lead to issues. AERISTO strongly recommends only using the AERISTO line of leather cleaners and conditioners for preferred results.

Please contact us for further information.


AERISTO carries a wide selection of three-dimensional Spacer knit textiles called Ventimesh. The materials can complement or even substitute foams needed in the upholstery process, both for structural and aesthetic purposes. Available thicknesses range from 2–20 mm to allow for a wide range of seating comfort levels. Ventimesh can also be used in lieu of batting and sewn directly with the leather into the slip covers.


Despite the light weight and open structure of Ventimesh, it is in full compliance with the FAA specifications and yields excellent composite test results.


The construction of the Ventimesh fibers is designed to provide the variable balance of pressure-relieving comfort and therapeutic support. Unlike other foams of the same thickness that tend to flatten out prematurely, Ventimesh has excellent retention of shape leaving you with cushions which maintain their structural integrity over time and use.


By eliminating layers of the conventional foam cushion to accommodate Ventimesh, overall weight savings are achieved.


Combined with perforated leather, air is allowed to enter and move throughout the mesh-like textile at ease, increasing the airflow to maximize comfort and responsiveness. This passive ventilation is brought to you by materials that actually reduce weight rather than increase it.


Ventimesh is antimicrobic and antiallergenic, thereby eliminating many disease-carrying microorganisms that may develop in conventional foams due to inclement climate conditions and in-cabin food or drink spills. This also prevents the stale air and bad odors often associated with sponge-like foams.


Different constructions of Ventimesh can be layered to create the perfect seat cushion combination – strong, lightweight, responsive and functional.


The looped-yarn buildup acts as an excellent recovery feature, leaving smooth, wrinkle-free seating surfaces.

Lumbar Support

Simple and effective, AERISTO's lumbar support systems are an integral method to provide excellent seating ergonomics.

Threefold Spinal Support
Pelvis, vertebrae, and upper body

2- or 4-way Adjustability
Effortless manual or power actuators

Fully mechanical construction

Maintenance-Free Use
No air bladders to leak or rupture

Custom Programs Available
Please call for further information

Easy Installation